Jana offers workshops for Teacher Education Programs that focus on:

Montessori Philosophy,

Practical Living,




Music, Movement,

Integrated Curriculum,

Parent Education,

Classroom Management

Jana taught the following workshops at the American Montessori Society:

This is Your Brain on Technology, (Philadelphia, PA 2015)

Parenting with Presence, (Dallas, TX 2014)

Eat, Play, Read: Parenting for Success (Orlando, FL 2013)

The Effects of Technology on Childhood Brain Development (San Francisco, CA 2012)

This is Your Brain on Technology (Chicago IL, 2011)

Understanding how Brain Research Supports Montessori Philosophy (2006)

Sign Language Everyday (2002, 1999)

Music in the Montessori Classroom (2001)


Other workshops Jana offers are:

Children Change the World Conference, Calgary Alberta Canada April

Don’t take to personally: Supporting children through challenges without losing your cool

Creating Balance in the Age of Technology

Parent Conference track: Parenting for Success

Creating Balance in the Age of Technology

The Seven Elements of Art in Montessori Materials

Montessori 101: An Introduction to Montessori Philosophy

Don’t Take it Personally: How to Support Children Through Challenges Without Losing Your Cool

Montessori: A Timeless Educational Practice

This is Your Brain on Technology

Montessori Education as Best Practice in Education

Homework: the Wrong Answer: the Inefficacy of Homework

A Counterbalance to Technology Overload (2011)

Jana has written for the following publications:

2016 The Importance of Family Meals. Montessori Life. Summer.

2014 Creating Diversity. Montessori Leadership. Fall.

2013 Proactive Planning: One Parent’s Approach. Montessori Life. Winter.

2012 Creating Balance in the New Age of Technology. Montessori Life. Fall.

2011 Public School Montessorian, personal interview, primary source reference on

technology in the classroom.

2011 Voices, personal interview.

2009-11 The Community Times

Happy Holidays? Creating Consistency During a Hectic Time

What Research Says About the Efficacy of Montessori Education

2009 The Grenadier, Alumni Spotlight, pigs and Shelby

2008 Shelby. The Literary Leo, Flash Fiction honorable mention,

2008 No Angles Here: The Subversion of True Womanhood and Domesticity in Nineteenth

Century Literature. Human Voices.