"Jana has taught me so much! I am serving as one of the directors of a Montessori School now and I owe so much of my career to her! She made me truly "understand" the method and I fell in even more in love with the Montessori method after my training. Thank you, Jana, you are a bright star for Montessorians everywhere!'

"My kids were lucky enough to have Jana as a teacher. I cannot say enough how wonderful Jana is. If Jana could be cloned there would be no education crisis in America!"

"Jana taught me so much during these years teaching together. She is truly the best. She makes the Montessori method so practical and easy to integrate. I think of things she taught me all of the time now as a mama of 4."

"It's been an amazing year.  Jana is dynamic, engaging, and always positive."

"I could see a visible change in my learner's ability to meet his own capabilities-he was moving to reach higher academic marks. My learner has shown a great deal of pride in his day's work and has learned a good deal about meeting his own emotional needs."

"Jana has been a breath of fresh air. Our daughter is thriving under her guidance."


"My daughter is having a wonderful time. . . , she is learning at a faster rate then I did when I was her age. . . "

"Excellent teaching - could not ask for more."

"I am so grateful for what my child is learning."

"Jana is amazing and has helped me and my learner is so many ways. I adore the way she makes me feel so welcome!"

"We thank God for them every day!"

"Jana has respect and love for every child. I am so happy that both of my children had her as their first teacher."

"Love this lady. My daughter wouldn't be the lady she is today without all the advice!"